ladies of my lineage

who are the ladies of your lineage?

i am Amy Rose Hewton and proud to be this person and carry this name

i am speaking the name of ladies of my lineage to honour them.

i want to know all of the women who existed in my history, because I am not one person derived from just one name or one woman.  i am Amy Rose Hewton, one person from many people and the women in my heritage are as important to my existence as the men are.

this idea was sparked from a moment in time when I realized I wanted to know all of my heritage, and name all the ladies. i want to acknowledge them and know them.

that moment was triggered by innocent childhood teasing. male cousins of mine didn’t think I was a Paroz, simply because I was named after my father Hewton, this loss of my mother’s name is a result of the patriarchal society we live in. i love my father’s side, but I wanted to know the women in my lineage.

so I was then intrigued as to who else in my lineage of women have been lost when we take men’s names.

ready to honour all the ladies of your lineage?

we are all from many lines of family trees, and to speak the maiden names of the women, you always speak the male names as women all have their fathers’ names.

i invite you to discover the women in your lineage. find a beloved photograph or we can do a portrait shoot, then send me your family tree details, and I design lineage into the photograph, send off to printing and framing.

please get in touch with me by using the contact form below.

creation process

portrait photo shoot
(optional if you don’t have any imagery you wish to use)
shoot with Clementine Brouke (approximately 1hour)

graphic design
the layout and design of lineage and photography (approximately 2+hours)

format framing
painted black victorian ash frame


with own photo from $850

with studio portrait shoot from $1000

the design for these intimate pieces will be created to suit your style, example of this classic vintage style fro Brooke, which is complete opposite of the bold modern looks for myself above / Northern Rivers, NSW

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