the sun, i give love and life to everyone

i like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living. dr seuss



i am an artist, graphic designer, photographer, poet, model and surfer based on the east coast of australia  — i pop up in java, indonesia and in europe from time to time

when i'm not salt soaked sliding, you'll find me dancing to music, exploring the bush barefoot or with my head buried in a book.

i have strong environmental and equality visions, i am building a collective community intersectional and integrated, through love and acceptance, kindness and care.


i experiment with everything on all platforms of my art, i am a creator.

Read a feature on me here from Atmosea.

work with me

if you are playful and would like to collaborate on an adventure please get in touch with me here to discuss future forms.

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